Friday, September 21, 2012

Borderlands 2!

When Matt & I both really want a game on release, but don't (necessarily) want to spend the big bucks on it, we occasionally get two copies via Gamefly. Insurance. Assurance? Some sort of -rance.

After seeing the initial trailers for our favorite split screen, co-op experience, I instantly claimed Zero as my character. But after eight levels of clumsy melee using his special vanishing act, I realized I am better with some sort of projectile skill. I really miss my Hunter with his vicious birdy companion. Without him on the roster, however, I switched over to the Siren to use her phaseshift skill from a distance. And I really dig her, so I am going to stick with her for the rest of our initial campaign. Matt has his turret again, so we are a dazzling duo for sure.

Ah, Borderlands. I love you and your delicious loot.

Edit 09/24/12: I love my newest look - Nevermore Head/Minecraft Skin. :)