Friday, April 27, 2012

Virtual Magazine Love

"It opens with a cliché so well-worn it is almost smooth: an everyman writer drives along a dimly-lit, winding mountain road. The young girl we presume to be his daughter dozes in the car beside him, her head gently butting against the black mirror. The headlights illuminate the outline of a figure, another young girl, walking alone in the vehicle’s path. The driver swerves into the unknown and is rendered unconscious. He awakens in the mangled car, the seat beside him empty, the windows engulfed by unfurling mist. Stumbling out into the fug, he can barely distinguish the lampposts and roofs. Somewhere, in the near distance, alarm bells and sirens caterwaul. And then… the sky turns black, the pavement is replaced by rusted grating and the walls are adorned with bloody bodies. Welcome to Silent Hill. Population: close to zero. Unless you count the monsters and ghosts…"

This is the introduction of an article about the spooktacular survival horror genre, written by my friend Ross Thompson for AU Magazine, an online publication that covers the entertainment scene in Northern Ireland. Last winter I contributed some words to a piece he wrote about war games, so when he asked me if I would mind sharing some of my thoughts again, this time regarding creepy, heart racing, oogey-boogey horror games, I was more than happy to oblige. You can find the rest of this fantastic article, including a few sentences carefully crafted by yours truly, here. <--Clicky clicky

Photo Credit: Mark Reihill

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