Friday, November 18, 2011

Screenshot Friday!

Dear Claudia,

Constantinople is pretty freakin' sweet. I met a helpful gent with a fetching bandana headband and a smoking redhead named Sophia who's love of books is equal to her fondness for low-cut corsets. Both of them are assisting with my search for Polo's books that are ridiculously easy to find. Seriously, I may beat this letter home it's been so wicked simple to suss them out of hiding. But whatever. It's just fun to stir the pot in a new city. Rome was getting uuuggghhh, so boring.

Found some Templars. 'Sassinated 'em.

Played a lute, which was amazing. If this whole assassin thing doesn't work out, I'm thinking about joining the Bard's Guild.

Wish you were here!

Hugs from your big bro,