Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magazine Love

If you have been reading this blog regularly (here's a cookie!), you may have noticed that I don’t play a lot of modern war games. In fact, when I mention them, it’s usually disparagingly. I have some opinions on the matter, but nothing worth ranting about here for any length of time, considering it would just be a lot of whining about loud, obnoxious noises, juvenile insults and fist-to-floor bro mentality. So when I was asked by a social networking acquaintance if I would be willing to write up a few words about why I believe war games are so popular in modern society, I shied away, confessing that although I have a great love of games, I have a great disdain for war games and could not speak about any of them specifically, considering I have never touched one.

Lucky for me, he was still interested in my thoughts, so I sent him roughly 100 more words that he requested about why I am wary of modern society’s love affair with war games, and he wrote a fantastic article for AU Magazine, a fun and free publication that circulates around Belfast, Ireland, that includes some of my opinions. Big thanks to my new friend Ross for helping put my name in print for the first time in relation to video games, and in such a fantastic article to boot.

Here is the link to the online version of the magazine. Ross’s article, titled “The Art of Virtual Warfare” begins on page 44.


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