Friday, September 23, 2011

Snapshot Friday!

Over the past year I have become quite the Instagram addict. At first it was innocent fun, taking photos with my poor outdated iPhone 3G and saucing them up with a small selection of pre-programmed filters, but my obsession quickly snowballed. First, all of the pictures I uploaded to my various social networks began to take on the Insta-finish. Most of the photographs that I post here have been uploaded straight from my phone after being modified via this, the most holy of apps. Then I found a tag filter, much like Twitter, and started browsing for likeminded people specifically in the #xbox and #halloween sections. Then came the followers and the followees. And it’s been a blur ever since, with my photo count now at around 400 uploads. I love to heart beautiful photographs, spending entire evenings just browsing these intimate moments in time shared by people all over the globe.

I soon discovered that the Xbox tag contained a few trends. There is the usual half-nakie ladies, stroking their controllers while declaring their enthusiasm for Black Ops in an obvious cry for male attention. Others are as simple as the depiction of a console, controller or game box in an artful way. My absolute favorite, however, is the ‘my kitteh loves to use my controller as a pillow’ shots. And they are UBIQUITOUS. No matter how you feel on the subject, we now live in a virtual world where cats are king. It’s gone so far that I just recently viewed a Powerpoint slideshow on the super serious topic of international airfare tariffs, and the whole thing was littered with pictures of LOLcats. So it’s no surprise that Instagram currently has 436,865 photographs in its database currently tagged ‘cat’. Finding so many cats snuggled up to 360 controllers in #xbox is delightful…well, especially when you are me, and the perfect happiness equation looks something like:

ice cream + xbox controllers(cats + internet pictures) = ZOMG

Here are my contributions to the ever-growing community of folks who love their felines and their video game accessories in equal measure. And just to show that my kitty believes in equality, here is Mina with both her white and black plastic pillows.

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