Friday, August 26, 2011

Snapshot Friday!

We are attempting to take on this PAX a bit more casually than previous ones. Instead of adhering to any panel schedules or must-see events (with the exception of the ACR demo in the Main Theater, located in the absolutely gorgeous historic Paramount Theatre a couple of blocks away) we are trying to take it easy and see the sights without engaging too much with those games with the extra long lines wrapping around enclosed booths. (Side note: This has to be my least favorite new thing -- the exhibits inside little rooms, forcing those who want to see the game to wait in line for hours to even get a peek. Sadly, Gearbox is showcasing Borderlands 2 in one of these spaces, and I am not about to stand around for two hours to try a game that is a sure thing. I know I will buy it at launch, and I am fairly certain it will be great.) So today the plan is to play some tabletop with friends, try an encounter or two in DnD and generally relax...if fighting off 65,000 other people crushed inside a building can be considered relaxation, I suppose. Either way...on to day two. But first...Zzzzz...

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