Monday, June 20, 2011

Video Games in the Wild

I have now officially experienced the Fremont Solstice Fair, an amazing Seattle event that I have missed every single one of the seven years I have lived here. For those of you still curiously scratching your heads, let me paint a visual for you. Hundreds of naked people use body paint, flowers, feathers, beads, etc. to decorate themselves in lovely patterns and/or character likenessness and ride bicycles down a parade route, cheering wildly and crying out "Happy Solstice!" to the gathered attendees.

I saw Mario and Luigi, one male and one female, wearing only logoed hats, fake mustaches and smiles.

I saw Bowser, dressed, with his spiked turtle shell sitting jauntily on his back, tossing a giant orange ball back and forth amongst the children (who were really hoping for candy, I'm sure).

And finally, I saw Chun-Li, also dressed, representing the Street Fighter presence here in Seattle.

Such an amazing time. It rained all day but no one cared.

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