Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some Holiday Gratitude

Due to the craziness that is the beginning of the holiday season, I have been incredibly distracted and neglecting my poor blog. If you didn't hear, Seattle had a pretty epic snowstorm on Monday that turned the city into a giant game of bumper cars on ice. We were caught in it a bit, which was terrifying and beautiful as only Mother Nature can be. I've been spending all of my game time in Rome assisting Ezio on his campaign to rid the city of Borgia influence. And when I say 'all of my game time' I mean that I am seriously squeezing every breath out of Brotherhood. To put it in perspective, I just finished Sequence 4 this morning and am currently clocked in at around 20 hours. And this doesn't count any of the arena trials. If you are curious about how the journey is going, I am posting my thought bubbles rather obnoxiously on Twitter (@Masquerade78). I don't anticipate finishing anytime soon and am utterly devoted to it, so there may be a stretch of time between posts in the near future.

An infinite number of thanks to all of my friends, family, and the strangers who read what I write and don't post troll-like comments. I am thankful that I get to write in such a casual way and not get flamed on a regular basis by pretentious teenagers (I am pretty sure I am flying under their radar at the moment). I am thankful for all of the people I have met since starting it all Started with Chrono Trigger, including the folks at The Modern Day Pirates who are an incredibly supportive and creative bunch. Hugs and love to everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Back to Rome. The liberation has begun!

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