Friday, October 15, 2010

Screenshot Friday!

Today Screenshot Friday is more like ‘relevant game photo’ day since I have been out of town all week on business and haven’t touched a controller since last Saturday. Before leaving for North Dakota I was able to finish Minerva’s Den, which I will write more about later (spoiler: loved it), and start a game in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Heading into the world of Castlevania is a new experience for me-I am one of the few longtime gamers out there who has never played any of the others in the series. I know, you’re shocked! Well, maybe you’d be more shocked if you knew just how much I love vampires (I love them. A lot.). I am currently only a couple of hours into LoS and so far it’s been a hit and miss experience. I think the world is beautiful, but the combat is boring. The NPCs look fantastic, but the first puzzle I encountered was uninspired. I am currently stuck on the most ridiculous and time wasting titan battle I have ever encountered in my entire gaming life (yes, I get it, RT is grip, you can stop telling me now-oh, and you can die in a fire, Mr. Ice Titan). I knew it was going to be hard-I’ve heard the rumors about how challenging the Castlevania games can be, but the scale seems off. I have a really hard time liking games that ramp up the difficulty unexpectedly-I am way more comfortable with a gradual climb. I admit I did throw the controller to the floor halfway through this battle in frustration, but then I had one of those ‘I’m not going to let this game get to me-I’m better than this, dammit’ moments and am determined to head back in for more. So far, the beginning feels unpolished and clunky, but in honor of the series I want to keep going.


Nick said...

I was so sad to hear that Minerva's Den wasn't coming to the PC version of BioShock 2, which is the one I own. For what it's worth, I thought BioShock 2 was a pretty great sequel, and the notion of a short, self-contained downloadable episode in Rapture seems like a brilliant idea.

I haven't played Lords of Shadow, but as someone who's been playing Castlevania games since the very first one, I'm interested in giving it a shot. I've watched some video and read a few reviews and it sounds like it's fun and visually stunning but a little bit too derivative. If you're interested in seeing what a great classic Castlevania game is like, I'd suggest you check out Super Castlevania IV (originally on SNES) or Symphony of the Night. Both of them still hold up really nicely, I think.

Jessica Dobervich said...

I am sad that I still haven't gotten a chance to write about Minerva's Den. Time keeps on slipping...

Oh, and now you *do* get a chance to play the B2 DLC since it's coming to PC. Let me know what you think.