Friday, October 8, 2010

Screenshot Friday!

I am sad to confess that I have been so busy wading through the chaos of my daytime life that I have had no real time to write this week. Hopefully this weekend will come with calmer tidings and I will be able to tell everyone about finishing Deathspank and my late night sessions in Minerva's Den, the newest chapter of DLC for Bioshock 2. As always, I am enraptured, although playing underwater is starting to rust a bit in terms of being conceptually unique-I think I have reached a point now where I am ready to experience Columbia, even if I will never stop loving Rapture.

At the point of my last save I was several hours in, completely out of ammunition (and money) with a Little Sister sitting on my shoulder waiting for a gather. Perfect challenge! Here are some visuals of Minerva's Den, where Rapture's central computer is housed:

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