Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in Review 4: Playstation 3 Edition

I am currently in the process of building a relationship with my Playstation 3. We have been distant for so many years due to my ongoing love affair with my Xbox, but I decided it was time to end our silence. I have to admit, it had been months since I last used my PS3 as a gaming machine (most of the time it is merely a Netflix movie player). I kept promising myself that I would pick up another PS3 exclusive in the meantime, but it just didn’t happen. I am not as in love with the community aspect of the PS3 as I am with Xbox Live. It’s just not as warm and fuzzy. Or maybe it’s not as colorful and I am prone to liking blinking, shiny, brightly colored objects more than the streamlined icon interface of the PS3 (plus I love dressing up my little Avatar in steampunk clothes). I am willing to admit that I choose things based on how a toddler or a squirrel would without too much shame. But I know that limiting myself as a gamer is definitely a negative attribute, and one that I need to quell in order to progress. I am missing so many great games (Uncharted 2, for example) by being a one console kind of girl. So lately I have been trying to find the components to build a friendship with my PS3 that can be long lasting and sustainable.

Matt purchased our PS3 last year for two reasons: the Blu-Ray player and Little Big Planet. He really liked the physics puzzles and the build-your-own-level aspects about LBP and encouraged me to give it a try. After setting up my internal profile, I got as far as acquiring a tiny costume for my little sack boy and didn’t progress much further, loyally heading back to my Xbox and scoffing about how I didn’t understand the controls or some sort of blah blah nonsense. What you have to understand at this point is that I grew up playing a myriad of games on the PSOne & PS2 and still own both systems, so the excuses I was making were pure drivel. I was just in love with the achievements and seeing my friends playing alongside me was like some sort of gamer social networking heaven. When Matt suggested Ratchet & Clank’s newest game as something I might enjoy, I must confess that I just turned my silly nose in the air. But then I started writing this blog. And I started to feel a combination of left out and ridiculous when it came to game announcements that were PS3 exclusive. I couldn’t very well write about video games in any sort of thorough way if I wasn’t trying them out, no matter the console.

My PS3 fast ended with Heavy Rain last spring. I relearned where the circle button was on the controller and thought that I would now be a multi-console user, no problem! But that didn't happen. Then our Xbox started having mechanical problems. I wrote about this issue long ago and said that we were planning on swapping out consoles, but we decided to try some experimental troubleshooting instead. It helped for awhile, but now it's getting worse. So just like any other broken piece of machinery, our options are to get a new one (not really financially viable at this point), smash it to bits (still an option) or remember to CONSTANTLY manually save during games like Mass Effect. Instead, I chose option four: God of War 3 on the PS3. The disc had been sitting on our entertainment center for roughly four months in its orange and white Gamefly sleeve-which is a pretty big financial investment on our part based on an intention. So, truthfully, my real reason for switching over to Sony is based more on the avoidance of a broken machine than my goal to play more games on the PS3.

But no matter what it took to get me here, I intend to stay for awhile. I updated my PSN profile, synced up my Trophy list and got a little widget for my page (see above right). I had a fairly good (/frustrated /slightly grossed out) time playing God of War 3 over the weekend and punched the hell right out of Zeus late last night after getting caught in a fight sequence bug that lasted for over an hour (I’ve heard of endurance boss fights, but that was ridiculous). I am going to take Matt’s previous advice and give Ratchet & Clank a chance. I may not ever choose to play anything but exclusive titles on the PS3, but I want to at least stop being such an Xbox loyalist.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what to do with an Xbox that continually locks up? I mean, besides chucking it into the nearest dumpster or harvesting it for parts, of course.


Jenn said...

I love my Playstation. I could never leave it, ever. The hole in my heart would be far too great.

As for what to do with your xbox... apart from 'smash it with a hammer' I don't really have any suggestions. Sorry :P

Jessica Dobervich said...

That's pretty much how I feel about my 360, so it's almost a heartfelt betrayal that it is breaking on me. I want to look at it and say, 'how could you? After all that we've shared?'

Matt said...

For the life of me I could never figure out why anyone would want to own a PS3 (I am very anti blu-ray), but I started to change my tune at PAX East when I watched someone play Heavy Rain for a while. I'm still not a Sony fan but I can totally understand why someone might choose to go PS3 now. I could probably afford all 3 consoles but I don't have enough time to play what I already own as it is, so unfortunately I don't think I'll ever get the chance to play some of the PS3's greatest hits.