Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Denerim Climax

After conquering Dragon Age: Origins after roughly 40 hours, my emotional state was satisfaction combined with melancholy. It was over, and I wanted more. How could this be? I haven’t been an RPG-er in over ten years, every attempt thwarted by boredom and repetition. But the beautiful and captivating world of Ferelden was neither boring nor repetitious-I adored my character and I loved being part of her story. Playing through DA has helped me realize that it’s not the whole genre I have grown tired of, but mainly just the Eastern RPGs. And luckily, since the game narrative unfolds in such a personal way, I will be able to replay the game and experience much different results at some future date. And I’m already plotting my next life as a Dalish Elf…

Here is a screenshot listing the final character stats for Gaia, my Human Mage. [SPOILERS] She loved Alistair, seduced Zevron, destroyed an Anvil, loved the Circle, took the Ashes, sided with the elves, elevated Bhelen, supported Anora, and dismissed all silly notions of a demon baby. And when it was all over she chose to travel the lands, just like I would have done.


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