Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yard Birds

We touched down in Boston this morning after a grueling red eye flight and stumbled to our downtown hotel in a sleep deprived daze. We were greeted at the Baggage Claim with the sign above, which lifted our spirits. After a two hour nap we set out to play a little foursquare game at Harvard University. For those of you not acquainted with foursquare, it is a location based social networking site that rewards you with points and 'badges' (kind of like Xbox Achievements) for completing different real world tasks. One of the badges is very Harvard-specific so we thought it would be fun to acclimate ourselves to the public transportation and take a different kind of tour through the famed Ivy League college campus. Walking through the many areas of each 'school' of Harvard (Business, Divinity, Science, etc.) made me nostalgic for my own college days. Doing it via a foursquare goal forced us to really 'see' our surroundings more than just briskly walking through would have done. As a gamer, I sometimes find myself spending countless hours clutching a controller and staring at a screen, so I really enjoy the foursquare challenges because they force you to leave the comforts of home. After a grand tour that ended in a delicious well-known local burger joint we were rewarded with the Yard Bird badge, which we can proudly display back at home in Seattle as part of our overall Boston experience.

Matt & I are now shaking off the jet lag so we can head out for PAX early to get in line for Wil Wheaton's keynote. My plan is to take as many pictures and notes about the goings on and potential new games shown at the convention so I can chat about them here. See you soon.

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