Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just the Two of Us

We’ve been back in Pandora all week, hacking away at Crimson Lancers and giant spiders in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Borderlands is certainly the game that keeps on giving. After the utter disappointment that was Moxxi’s Underdome it’s lovely to be back in a narrative and not endlessly bang bang banging away at skags n’ brutes. And being a Level 60 Hunter definitely has it’s rewards. I wish they would have upped the level cap of your assist (Matt plays with a soldier, so between his turret and my predator bird, we are definitely killing machines), though, because I have a few extra Elements that sit sadly in my inventory while I stay at Level 4. A broken and crumbly highway system adds a more delicious Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max-esque landscape-helpful since there are no teleport options in the new DLC. Moxxi’s place is on the map now and she even gives you a few missions. It’s a little repetitive-a lot of the outpost points for the Lancers are carbon copies of each other and there is a LOT of driving to do, but overall it’s a great buy at only ten bucks. After roughly 15 hours or so we still have plenty of missions to complete. It’s quite a challenge at first, but once you level off around 58 everything gets fairly easy. Such fun. I especially like the new car, the Monster, since it has heat-seeking missiles and thinks giant spiders and Cheta Paws are yummy. I am the gunner in our duo, a seat I like just fine.

For those who have played Borderlands, you will know that there is a lot of humor written into the character narrative and the newest DLC is no exception. There is a mission that requests you pick up transmissions from General Knoxx himself and you should listen closely because they are hilarious. The creepy little midgets from the first game are now little cowboys riding skags and jumping out of lockers to scare the pants off you. And Moxxi, well, for a sexy little Black Widow, she sure doesn’t mind surrounding herself with a whole room full of corpses. W.T.F. This game is nuts. Three nuts.

One of the best things about Borderlands is the Splitscreen Mode. As a beginner in the FPS world, there was no way I could’ve gotten through some of the fights without a partner. Plus, as a gaming couple, finding a same screen co-op game is always such a treat. So many games are reliant upon the idea that the players who want to campaign together will be a couple of friends in different houses playing via Xbox Live ala Modern Warfare 2/Left for Dead, etc. We are usually limited to playing Lego or Puzzle/Board Arcade Games. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lego games and we like playing them together, but there are moments of frustration when I accidently punch Matt’s little meeple man and he explodes in a shower of tiny Lego pieces. But there are so many other games that would be great for us to play together with our own characters. There were so many achievements in Fable 2 that started with “you did this or watched a friend do this” that a dual character mode would have be great (there is a same-screen mode, but only one can play with a developed character, the other is just a generic). Okay, so truthfully, we did rent an extra copy of Fable 2 so that we could meet in Bowerstone and give each other a gift…sad, I know…but the Xbox in the bedroom is lonely. I would love it if the Bioshock 2 Multiplayer could support two players and then we could team up and rampage. I really don’t understand why more games don’t support same screen co-op. Thank goodness for Rock Band.

Hello, March. Lovely to see you…and Kratos...I have been trying to acquire a copy of Heavy Rain via some Blockbuster friends, but alas, no luck so far. This month may be my PS3 month by the looks of it...*sigh*

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