Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Matt & I are now in possession of passes to PAXEast and a hotel in downtown Boston for the 24th-29th of March. After PAX09 (PAXPrime, now) we were all gung-ho about going, the con high still swimming deliciously through us, but after a couple of sober weeks we decided the responsible (boring) thing to do would be to save money for a new apartment in a better neighborhood and look forward to the next Seattle PAX. By the term ‘look forward’ I mean Matt not really thinking about it and me gleefully counting off days like a little girl with an Advent Calendar full of chocolate bites. I was pretty resolved about the idea of skipping Boston until last weekend when what started as a curiosity about whether Freezepop was going to attend turned into a full blown forum search of postings by excited attendees. Alas, we were sold. In an odd coincidence, I suddenly really liked my apartment and it’s location (So close to downtown Seattle! Why would we ever move?).

I will be the first to admit my enthusiasm about PAX is probably unhealthy. It’s really bizarre how my 31 year old self can be so excited about a video game convention, but here I am. I don’t have a lot of gamer friends (except you, internet, *squeeze*) so going to an EPIC gathering of like minded people is one of the only times I feel comfortable in my own nerdy shoes. I can cheer on amateur Rock Band players (they are doing what I do! In my living room!!), snuggle up on a giant smelly pillow with my DS or play board games with total strangers and not feel awkward. All of those people are my single-serving best friends and they don’t even know it.

Um, so Mass Effect 2? Not playing it. I tried out the first one, got confused in the Citadel after getting a wooden lap dance by a NPC with glassy eyes and gave it up. And guess what? I’m not going back. I have other games to be excited about. Not to say it isn’t currently residing in my house after being purchased at a GameStop midnight release…but I will leave Commander Shephard to Matt and continue to wait for Big Daddy. After totally dismissing Bayonetta I read an article by a female gamer who has almost convinced me that it may be worth a second try. She had all of the same concerns I did about the ridiculous hyper sexuality of the game but rode the busty roller coaster anyway, coming away with some satisfaction. In the meantime I am STILL progressing through Darksiders. Some of the puzzles are getting annoyingly difficult almost to the point of boredom, but I am looking forward to the replay of some of the levels because I am a collectable junkie. It’s a real problem (see: Riddler Puzzles in Arkham Asylum, Gargoyles and Silver Keys in Fable 2 and Feathers in AC2).

Game Replay this week: Carcassonne on XBOX Arcade.

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