Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am living proof there is life after Borderlands

First of all, I have never been adept at first person shooters. As a woman in her thirties (early, thank you) who has been a life long, die-hard RPGer the idea of a gun-view shoot-shoot bang-bang game sounded oh-so-boring and repetitive (hey, grinding away to gain levels in FFVII was a rite of passage). War simulators-yawn. But then Bioshock came out in 2007 and it was just so damn pretty. I mean, Rapture was a post-Apocalyptic dream UNDERWATER. Every room that contained a window had a lovely glowing wave pattern splashing on every wall. Want to play...not so good at first person shooters. I had to stop moving altogether in order to change directions (shuffle forward, stop, turn, shuffle forward). Much to my great delight, however, I soon acquired a WRENCH. And this WRENCH got more POWERFUL as the game went on. Melee Bliss! Plus the plasmids kind of turned the FPS elements into an aim and toss kind of gameplay (with BEES! ANGRY BEES!) thereby taking the ‘shooter’ part out and basically turning it into a “First Person Thrower of Fire”. This I could handle. And I loved it.

I am happy to say that I have matured greatly as a gamer in the last 2.5 years and now have intermediate skills in the FPS arena thanks to Borderlands, which I only agreed to play so I wouldn't shame myself as a gamer (two girlfriends were playing it-one of which was a life long scoffer of video games who is now a WOWer). I actually ended up loving it tremendously and conquering my FPS ‘mindblock’ (as Matt would call it). I call the experience, ‘Borderlands: How I Learned to Shoot Combat Rifles and Love 2.5 Zoom’. Bioshock 2 will be released in the next couple of weeks (and thanks to a small, sauna-like room at PAX09 I know it will be AMAZING) and I am really looking forward to having this experience without running into walls or shooting the ceiling repeatedly. Maybe I will retire my wrench this time. Well…maybe not. It was just too damn fun. I mean, an electricity infused WRENCH??!! I hope that the multi-player mode will have a co-op play so Matt and I can play together. If not, that is why we have two 360s.

I have been playing Darksiders for the past week or so, which is a story about the Apocalypse (what’s with the Apocalypse trend?) gone wrong thanks to War, the protagonist and also one of the Four Horseman. Pretty standard hack n slash, but with dungeon elements like Zelda (as Matt says, “You have acquired a boomerang!”). I thought I would be choosing between it and Bayonetta since they were both released on the same day, but after watching about an hour or so of Matt play I think I am going to take a pass. The overt sexuality (the intro contains about 100 billion crotch shots) of the game really turns me off. I have a habit of thinking games with female leads will be targeted to female gamers, but then games like Bayonetta come out. Yikes. I guess we got Dante in Devil May Cry all of these years and since Bayonetta looks EXACTLY like DMC to me, I imagine it was their turn? Anyway, I am going to skip the exaggerated hip swinging and lip licking and focus on Darksiders and Dante’s Inferno for my Good vs Evil Action Adventure games this season. I am happily surprised with Darksiders (it reminds me a little bit of Viking, a game I loved a couple of years ago), even if I am on dungeon two and still don’t have my horse. I mean, they showcased the game at PAX using a giant mechanical death beast, so I assume I am going to be introduced soon.

What I've Learned this week: Giant bat demons can have heaving bosums. Who knew?

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